Friday, November 04, 2005

When We Get Back, I'll Drop a Line

It would have been nice to have taken a picture from farther away so that you can really get a good idea of how crowded this cemetary is. And here is this grave, tucked away behind some other graves. If the name on that headstone wasn't what it was, not a single person would ever, ever go near it. You have to leave the path, walk around a much larger headstone for some guy that you've never heard of, and there it is, hiding. It's somewhere near the south central area of the largest cemetery in Paris.
I like the Doors. They had a certain panache that is not duplicatable. I don't want to get too metaphysical, Morrison did so much of that, that I don't need to translate it into this free blog journal thing. But I will say that there are very few people who have the sort of presence that Morisson had. Some lose it over time (Jimmy Page and Robert Plant), and some manage to hang onto it in some form or another (Roy Harper, et al), but the ones who become truly famous, are the ones who DIE while they are totally soaked in it.

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