Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cynical Ramblings on Individual Virtue

My friends, it has come to my attention, that there is a potential candidate, never before considered for an illustrious position in the fabled Pantheon of Coolness, home of such things as Pirates, Ninjas, Zombies, and Pirate-Ninja-Zombies. And I think that they might just get a shot at that spot that just opened up when Corporate Lawyers got kicked out. In case thier obvious coolness (and the above photo) has not clued you in, they are hobos, friends...hobos.

Why are hobos so cool you ask? Why should hobos have the open spot in the Pantheon of Coolness? I'm glad you asked. Hobos are solitary individuals. They are also completely self-serving, though not in exactly the same way as Pirates, Ninjas and Zombies. They are are not interested in booty (treasure), killing lots of people, or eating brains. But they are interested in not being tied down by "the man." These increasingly elusive creatures are known for a pondering, simple, philosophical kind of life.

There is no rush; there is no hurry. There is not bother...just existence. "Live like a dog," says the 20th century's true cynic. The punks and hippies are descended from hobos in a way. The hobo, to counterpoint, however, detatched completely. He never muddled about in politics, never dreamed that any such pretension would be anything but a degredation of the peace and solitude one can find by just being alone.

And so, I am going to hear arguments for and against admitting the hobo into the Pantheon of Coolness. Anyone who wishes it, is free to give their input on this matter. And the Good Doctor reserves the right, of course, to completely disregard any and perhaps all of those comments. And finally, the hobo just might get the unwanted recognition he truly deserves.


Bdawg said...

Hobos are cool;so cool in fact that once I cut open a hobo 47 times just to try to extract the coolness. It didn't work, but nobody missed him, because he was a hobo.


Fuck you Kuha, wheres my article!!!!
And yes, Hobos are sweet, and I hope to have a Hobo party soon. Perhaps after thanksgiving, and we can all be thankfull we aren't hobos...

Anonymous said...

I had a friend whos mother would degrade him every halloween by dressing him up as a hobo. Now he has several jobs, student loans, morgage, cheating disrespectful girfriend, malepatter baldness, chronic fatige syndrome, caffeine addiction, alcoholic cravings, a general disrespect for bums and generally every one
God bless the Hobos for this and the next great society, Dr. Kuha

Black Bart, Hobo at Large