Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A little link post, for those that didn't see them somewhere else

Okay, the world is a wierd place. We all know that. Some of us even learn to cope with it, perhaps even accept it, come to terms with it, transcend it, become one with it.

But sometimes's a few really wierd things pop up and you do a double take, you think about it for a while, you show it to your friends, or at least tell them about it, like a website dedicated to Christmas letters sent to Christopher Walken, for instance. Or a dog food commercial that isn't quite what it seems. Or my personal favorite, an article about a dead hooker.

These aren't the best examples of strangeness that anyone has ever seen, of course, but they're my favorites from today. And I give thanks to Almighty Bob for the opportunity to see this crazy shit.

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