Friday, November 04, 2005

Sticks and Stones

This is the Rosetta Stone. For all of you uneducated savages who have never heard if it, it is a large (very large) tablet with a set of decrees printed in two langauages, Egyptian and Greek. This pretty little artifact alone is what allowed smart people to translate the Egyptian written language. For a complete text of the stone, click here.

I kind of like the idea of a hieroglyphic language. Or at least a sophisticated ideogram type language like Japanaese and such. Then a word is a letter. When I write the letter 'k,' it means absolutely nothing unless it has context. But a hieroglyph by itself has meaning. As does a Japanese character. I understand that they have a phonetic alphabet as well, though it too is very pretty to look at, I'm sure.

I think it's interesting that in China, they used to draw out single ideograms on a single sheet of paper and it was an artform. Oh, yeah, Caligraphy. That's the ticket. Such a symple art with symple concept. But so much meaning.

If I had a calligraphy picture on my wall, it would have to be the word for "stone," because I'm kind of like stone. Hard and enduring, but given enough time, I can be worn down and softened up. It takes me a while to make friends sometimes...


Black_Bart said...

Three Cheers for Dr. Kahlua.
I am here to tell any of your uneducated readers (probably few) that the Rosetta stone is a hoax. The Greeks are not to be trusted in these matters and are not necesarily reputable just because the acients survived. "Every thing becomes respectable with age."(Wlm Buroughs paraphrase).
Best Wishes.

Dr Kuha said...

Dude. The Rosetta stone is not a hoax. Where is your evidence for saying this? Or are you just trying to be a pinner?