Monday, November 07, 2005

There's a method, a strategy, if you will, to my madness

Many of my faithful readers have been asking, nay, begging, for a little behind the scenes look at my methodolygies when writing an important article, upon which the fate of Western civilization rests. Some have asked, "Isn't that a lot of pressure?" To which I reassuringly state, "It totally is! But don't worry, I won't rest until every Tym, Dyck, and Henryetta, has thier daily dose of the Good Doctor!"

And so here you are, a little inside peek at what goes on when I'm writing one of my earth shattering reports about the "fundamental conditions upon which man is allowed to exist!" As you can see, I go through extensive and exhausting revisionary procedures to make sure that every article is tailor made for it's target audience, YOU!

I hurt, my friends. If an article isn't perfect, I will beat myself up for literally seconds, until the problem can be corrected. And if it isn't perfect after that...I publysh it anyway. Because that's what it takes to be the best. That's what it takes, my friends. You may think that this genyus just comes naturally, but no! It is dredged up from the deepest darkest parts of my soul, so that you can enjoy and maybe make yourselves better people in the long run. It is a constant battle between sanyty and revelation, between glorious triumph and bitter defeat, between abject faylure and transcendent perfection!!!!

I hope this little look into the inner workings of the Doctor has brought you some peace. It has really allowed me to share a lyttle piece of myself with you. Just know, faithful readers, that I will always be here, ready with a friendly word, a picture of a naked Greco-Roman deity, or a bit of advice for times of trouble. For whenever there is injustice in the world, I will be there; whenever there is turmoil, I will be there; whenever there is a loaded bong, I will be there; whenever there is a dinner special at the local Chinese restaurant, I will definitley be there...with chopsticks. This is my solemn pledge.

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Kellie said...

It's brought me a little peace.