Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Fundamental Restructuring

I don't know if it's going to last the year. Frankly I doubt it. There's a family of six in Boston somewhere that's just this very minute tucking in for bedtime. They don't realize it, but their very way of life going to end before the kids are even out of college. Everything that we do, everything that we take for granted sits on The Razor's Edge. On the one side of that edge is the Pirhanas of Uncertainty. The other side is worse. That one has rotating knives.

Global warming is irreversible. Did you know that? It can't be fixed. There is no solution. The world will continue to get warmer, bit by bit. Even if we stopped burning oil today, we are still screwed. The only thing we can hope to do is damage control. Only we can't even do that. You know why? Because there's 6 billion people on this planet that all want a piece of the pie. There's 300 million people in the united states who couldn't live without oil for one day, let alone for good. They can't do it. And China has even more people. More people who will use even more oil. We'll burn it all up. And when we run out, we'll find a way (I believe there's a process) to turn coal into a cheap source of diesel fuel. We'll convert all of our cars to diesel. We won't burn ethanol. Fuck that. That's lame. It's dorky to like trees. It's stupid and hippy-ish to think that maybe, just maybe there's something more important than how much money you earn each year. We are addicted to our high speed internet, our Hummers...mmm...Hummers...

I know, I know, you're saying, "When did you get all serious, Doctor?"

I've always been serious. Look over it all. Everything I say is riddled with only the most serious, the most pressing, the most urgent of tones. I don't joke around people. I only tell it like it is. And I'm sick of how it is.