Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Proof that Jesus DID die in vain.

An Anthem For The Little People
by Dr Kuha

“who is the Vice President?”
someone asked me the other day…
i said Richard Cheney
and said to Go Away

part of me wanted to lie
to say it was Lenin or Leann Rimes
to falsely educate an ignorant person
a sort of violence of the mind

how do you not know?
it’s not like Dick is new…
and perhaps most importantly of all…
how on Earth did you slip through?

who allowed this to happen?
who deserves the blame for this?
this travesty of boorishness
i knew who the VP was when i was six.

i tried not to dwell on it
while i shrugged into my coat
but some things are hard to forget
when these people get to vote


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Dr Kuha said...

It's based on a true story. is a true story.