Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My Blog Sucks

Yes, it's true. I admit it freely and without reservation. My blog sucks. However, it does not suck as hardcore as so many blogs out there. In fact, I myself am totally awesome, so it sort of counterbalances the suckiness of my blog.

Let's just hope, for good or ill, that the Good Doctor will be around for many years to come, giving advice, keeping it real, and making people less sad than they would normally be if it wasn't for him. Even if it has to be through his sucky ass blog.

Good night and The Good Doctor bless you.

P.S. The picture of Rodney Dangerfield is merely designed to really freak the shit out of you.


Puuda Maggui said...

Bless you Good Doctor, and let everyone remember, Mon Calamari kick Klingon ass!

Ayleen said...

Happy Blogsucking Day for another 36 minutes!

Froyd said...

god that pictures is fucked up.

Shane said...

dude, would you post something else so this isn't at the top? seriously, i want to throw up or SOMETHING undefinable every time I visit your blog now.