Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend at Bernies sucked

I didn't have an appropriate image for this post, so I just decided to go with Conan. He's a good fall-back plan if there's nothing better to use.

That said, I want to talk about this. I've always thought that the film Weekend at Bernie's was a fucking terrible movie. That is, however, until I realized, that there actually are people in this world stupid enough to try and pass a corpse off as a living person.

I was trying to think of what sort of a situation I would need to be in to pull a stunt like this. It would probably have to be more than a $355 check. Maybe $10,000? A cool million, certainly. Are criminal charges worth it? Okay, so these two yokels tried to commit fraud, but hey, the guy was dead. Who's the victim? The government? Nobody cares about the government except the government.

Okay, I just re-read the article, and I realized that I might have misinterpreted the text. I have this image now in my brain of these two oldsters pushing their dead friend around in an office chair with wheels. Something gaudy and covered in leather. At first I assumed that they would use a wheelchair. I mean, that's just obvious.

I mean...I would use a wheelchair. But that's just me.

Looking at it from these guys perspective, I guess I can't really hold it against them. They probably needed the money, or they wouldn't have pulled this stunt for such a small amount of money. People can be pushed to resort to pretty extreme measures when the need is there.

Another question: Why did these two guys even have the corpse? Were they roomies? Had the death not even been reported? Wouldn't the old folks' home keep tabs on that shit?

I guess there's not enough info in the Reuter's story to really put together what actually happened, but there's more than enough information to make up your own stories about what actually happened.

I'm open to interpretations. An award goes to the person who comes up with the best interpretation. Leave all suggestions in the comments section.

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